Man "Of" God

So I saw this video and wrote this. 

I guess you can say Engle inspired me to stand up for Him. 

Man “Of” God!?

Hey preacher dude!
Yo man “of” God!?
Yeah you… preaching your hate
disguised, as love for Him.

Save your “self” instead and leave
my soul and others’ be.

I wonder what you know of love?
Have you ever felt the power of it?
The way it makes the heart trip,
a pulse race, a chest aglow?

I am sure you have been loved before,
if only by one, as we all have.
Yet you seem lost, as if love is an illusion or
the property of the chosen.

Love… straight or queer, here or there
where you have drawn religious lines in the sand,
Love is a magic you seem to have forgotten.
Keep your judgment, hate, or fear if you wish.

My love for you extends,
to hopes and dreams that someday soon,
you save your “self” instead and leave
my soul and others’ be.

Click below to have me read it to you. Mind you I got a little nervous.

Man “Of” God by delainamiller