She Too-Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony

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Big news!


She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony is on scheduled to release This Month.

This globally written anthology is the end result of four poets combining their poems from  two different April Poetry Challenges.

The strong voices of Rosemary Nissen-Wade, Leigh D.C. Spencer, and Helen Patrice combine with my own and we create a poetry account of life’s beauty, challenges, loss, and love.

Come join the poetry party at She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony’s Facebook Page.

PAD – 2014 Finished!

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It is the last day of the Poem A Day challenge. I’m sorry to say goodbye to this wonderful adventure and I am already looking forward to next April. This challenge was a good reminder that the impossible ready does take just a moment longer.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have and I already have a poem for the first of May. Thank you for reading and for your kind words of support in the comments. Though I do write in part for myself feedback and comments make it feel less like I am writing in vacuum.

Day 30 write a calling it a day poem.



Standing over thirty pots of clay
she she rubs her palms together.
I have done all I can do.
Planted in neat and crooked rows
it is up to nature now. Let’s see
how many April showers will spill
into May. And how many poems
will bloom in the hearts of strangers.

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PAD 2014 – Launching Magic

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Day 29

The day’s prompt was to write a realism poem or a magical poem.


Launching Magic

Do you remember that old washing machine?
We would climb on top and pretend it was our rocket ship.
Counting down our voices getting louder with each number
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blastoff!
In frenzy we began twisting the dials
that would send us to Armstrong’s moon.
I never saw the stars with you.
But I remember the day the motor
sparked to life and we both jumped off
neither of us ready to take that flight.

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PAD 2014 – New Neighbors

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Day 28

Today’s prompt was to write a “settled” poem.

New Neighbors

New Neighbors

Out from the cedar tree
wings stretched wide
our new neighbors built
their home in eaves of mine.
Beak load by beak load
the sides of the roost form.
Despite the roof
that shelters us both,
the mighty Wren
places a giant leaf on top
to disguise his one room shack.
Carpeted wall to wall
with cedar fresh needles
the newly settled home
is a cat proof mansion.
We try to be good neighbors.
We don’t ask them to water
when we are away
and we all keep watch
of each other’s doorways.

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PAD 2014 – Monster Memories

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Day 27 -poem 2

So the prompt is still to write a monster poem I just wrote two. And yes, this one is heavy too but I hope it still touches you.

Monster Memories

The monsters do not lie under your bed
they are in your heart and in your head.
You’ve been hurt
no one can deny.
But you make us prove
over and over again
that we’ll be there to save you.
You put yourself in danger
you live in a state of threat
just to see if unlike before
we will run to your rescue.

The memories still live in your head.
You make us prove again and yet again
we will come to your rescue
as you step into the flames you fan
to see if we will rush in.
You jump, no parachute on your back
to see if we will catch you.

It seems the monster took
the very thing we can’t replace,
your faith that love will save you.
Every time
we rush the flames to pull you out
and link arms to break your fall.
Yet you only see
we failed to protect you.

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PAD 2014 – The Grim

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Day 27

The prompt today was to write a monster poem. Oh man, who would have thought a monster poem prompt would spark so many thoughts? Not I.  I only stopped writing because I have other responsibilities beyond poetry (though they are not nearly as fun). So the short of it is I wrote two poems for today maybe I will write the other two later. Here is the first. Oh and yes I should warn you they are both on the heavy side.


The Grim

There is a monster under my bed
it wants to shallow me whole
into an abyss
so dark, there is no light
for shadows to resemble you.

So dark I choke
on the thick – dry void
of nothingness.
No evidence of anything
not even the body I occupy,
other than the raging pain
of suffocation.

With news of a child’s death
you haunt my heart with memories
of how I could not save you.
There is a monster under my bed
that wants to swallow me whole.

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I am also playing in the Poets United Poetry Pantry for the first time. Come on over and raid the pantry with me.

PAD 2014 – Waterfall

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Day 26

Today’s prompt was to write a water poem. As it has been rainy as of late the prompt was not hard to write. 🙂

It is also Open Link Night at the dVerse pub and Beth Winter is minding the bar. So pop on over and immerse yourself in some fine poetry.



A dark heavy sky releases
the warmth of spring.
Ripples explode across puddles
as droplets splash in.
A dogwood tousled
by the of wind
sleeps no more.
To join the poets hanging at the dVerse Pub #OLN. Beth is doing a fine job tending the bar.

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