The Fall


The once vibrant with life
The once green, open full to catch the sun
The once high, holding up the sky

Now a golden bronze of slumbering death
The tips are curled as if burned

The windstirs the branches high
The once secured looses hold

A dance of spins and twirls begin
A quick spin slowed to a float
Lift andfall, rock right then left,

Until the fallen comes to rest
lie prone in death, among the rest

Once protector from the sun
Now a blanket for the ground

Even in your death you shelter life

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  1. DandKblog
    DandKblog says:

    Hello Everyone;

    You will probably notice that this is not my usual style, so here is the deal.

    I am getting serious about my poetry. I love to write it, it feeds my soul. So I bought a book to help me learn how to write poetry. The book suggests exercises and one exercise was to write a Whitmanesque poem using free verse describe something chaotic. This was my attempt.

    How did I do?

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