The big storm that was heading towards us seems to have lost its aggression. Instead, the rain is varying in different degrees of light and heavy. Either way I love watching the differences. The air is like waking through a mist when the rain is at its most gentlest. When the rain is heavier the grey sky seems to take over the air filling the space with a blurry grey. But if you look in the dark places, where the trees gather and grow, you can see the raindrops individual of each other. It looks like an overcrowded population with everyone moving in the same direction.

My curious mind wonders if this is the view of an insect while under the spray of a water picture or hose sprayer? And if I can see and feel my smallness in heavy rain I wonder how an insect sees themselves in this moment. Maybe the insects are in panic mode, trying to move to higher ground and do not have the luxury of philosophical musings. But I refuse to assume they do not have a heightened awareness of their surroundings like I do. The rain has given us all the gift of awareness this morning. Thank you rain.


standing in the rain
my skin is my dimension
~ beginning / ending
my roots grounding me in place
I’m the thread connecting drops