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Hand cupped to an ear
tiny hairs tickle
as whispers pass.
Eyes turn to saucers
as eyebrows take flight
and imaginations soar.
Could it be true?

Swimming fish

Abhra is at the tap serving up tonight Poetics and we are all keeping our secrets.

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  1. Glenn Buttkus
    Glenn Buttkus says:

    “Can you keep a secret?” is always the inquiry–what are you going to say–hell, no, I’m a gossip sieve, don’t tell me anything; no, you nod, hear the “secret”, offer advice, then text the person they were bitching about; human nature at its finest.

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Right, just once it would be great to see their expression when you say “No I can’t” and walk away. 🙂

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