On the edge of existence

Just over the Eastern horizon

the sun peeks. A new day born.


Pink hues brighten the night.

Light lifts shadows

from the ground.


From a closed room a mother’s cry.

Life opens

To the possibility…

Of you.


In her arms


In her eyes


In her heart



Life; Joy; Promise; Eternal

Light, a daughter.


Your early years

of discovery, a treat,

I’m sure.


Her ray of sunshine grew.

Her hopes for you grew too.

As did you.


Your gift to love

Illuminates through

The hearts that know, you.


A woman now

the choice is yours

And your passion,



In my arms


In my eyes


In my heart



Passion; Grace; Unconditional

Love, my beloved.



Happy Birthday Kristin

4 replies
  1. Golda
    Golda says:

    So beautiful. I seriously don’t know how you have this incredible talent! I bet that was so great for Kris to read!!

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you Golda;
      I hope she enjoyed it but as I have been writing her poems for almost 17 years their charm may be waning a bit 😉

      As for the other. I don’t know I have always been a sensitive person I think that helps. We all have something to offer if my passionate words help others then my life has relevance. In the end I think relevance is what we are all looking for.

      Thank you again,

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you. Thank you for having her so I have someone to share in life with.
      I love you,

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