Catch & Release

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Catch & Release

Among Sedona’s red pillars
we chase love like butterflies.
Passion came to a fiery end
a gorge too deep to cross.

With memories of your laughter,
the ominous glint of your eyes,
and the price of your touch —
I return to that same sky
among the sanguine stone

to release us completely
back into the stream
that our laughter swam
to purify and love again.

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Written and shared for  Poetics- at dVerse CC has served up the prompt of natures ability to heal, sooth, and inspire.

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Ah, Sedona. I have memories of this incredible place from the early 60’s, before it was known by so many. There is really an energy there that touches one on a deep level.

  2. X
    X says:

    I like the playfulness of chasing love like butterflies. It contrasts nicely with loves end. Staring across that chasm I felt my heart ache a bit. I like though how you came back to this same place to let go/release. I think sometimes you have to do that before you can appreciate a place again – and relearn love.

  3. CC
    CC says:

    Delaina….this touches me on a deeply personal level as I have such difficulty letting go. I love the lessons of ‘release’ here and the imagery of purification in the same stream the love swam in….lush and healing visuals there. Also, “a gorge too deep to cross”—wow, that just pierces right to the heart of it. Thank you for linking up with this heartfelt poem.

  4. Glenn Buttkus
    Glenn Buttkus says:

    Sedona, land of ochre portals & humming metaphysical energies; visited it 10 years ago, & was nearly mugged by pushy real estate developers–nearly every shop/museum was a front for scams; but the sheer beauty of the place trumps the ballyhoo. Your poem is fab, sharing or imagining love among the red stones, & loss. I liked your lines /passion came to a fiery end/a gorge too deep to cross/.

  5. Grace
    Grace says:

    I admire the contrast of emotions, the fiery passion ending, and afterwards to release and be cleanse by memories of love & laughter ~

    Beautiful writing ~

  6. Truedessa
    Truedessa says:

    I wonder if sometimes we have to let go in order find our way back …this is a place of power and energy…one would surely find peace…

  7. kanzensakura
    kanzensakura says:

    Sedona – such memories of it from years past before it became so popular. I like the message in this.From the delicate beginning, to the passionate middle, to the gentle and affirming end. Catch and release…such a different, but yet, similar meaning from the original definition.

  8. Sumana Roy
    Sumana Roy says:

    “Passion came to a fiery end / a gorge too deep to cross.”…haunting and sad though there was much fun in chasing love like butterflies…at last the crystallization of memories…beautiful…

  9. Linda Kruschke
    Linda Kruschke says:

    I love the first stanza of this, but I’m glad you didn’t stop there but continued on to the return and healing in the place where you “chased love like butterflies.” Peace, Linda

  10. katiemiafrederick
    katiemiafrederick says:

    Life is emotional connection
    to other humans and
    the rest of Nature..
    heart as emotion
    spirit as
    and balancing
    of mind and body
    balance always now..
    Meaning of Life SOUL..)

  11. Shawna
    Shawna says:

    “and the price of your touch”

    I first misread this as “… the price of your tongue,” which is also really interesting.

    I also love these beautiful lines:

    “Passion came to a fiery end
    a gorge too deep to cross”

    “among the sanguine stone”

    And oh, that wonderful ending:
    “to release us completely
    back into the stream
    that our laughter swam
    to purify and love again”

    This is so good!

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